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Unsecured Loans: Stress Reliever For People With No Collateral

by: Turk Malloy

Financial necessities do not discriminate between people with and without assets. They occur without any intimation. In the absence of a valuable asset to place as collateral, borrowers find themselves at a loss. But with unsecured loans available, they are in good position to get money.

In unsecured loans, typically amounts ranging from £1 000 to £25,000 can be obtained without placing any collateral. Lenders will only assess the borrower’s present employment, past credit record, repayment ability, salary or annual income as yardsticks to approve the loan. Loans are forwarded for short terms ranging from 6 months to 10 years.

Absence of collateral makes unsecured loans risky for the lenders. The risk factor involved in deciding these loans affects the loan amount and interest rates. Borrowers cannot get larger amounts of loan and also have to pay very high rate of interest. These loans are particularly useful when the loan required is small in amount.

Unsecured loans are very popular among tenants, non homeowners, salaried and self employed people. People who do not want to risk their property for a loan can also apply for unsecured loans. Bad credit borrowers can also avail unsecured loans but with higher interest rates and stringent repayment terms than good credit borrowers.

Borrowers can put unsecured loans to multiple uses like going for holiday, consolidating debt, education expenses, car purchase or renovating homes. Through regular repayment of these loans, any less than perfect credit score can also be improved.

Unsecured loans can be obtained from a number of sources like banks, financial institutions, private lenders and even online. Online mode of application is the most convenient and fastest way of getting loans. Through proper online research, better deals can be easily obtained.

So for borrowers having no asset or are not willing to pledge their asset, unsecured loans provide viable option to fulfill financial needs.

About The Author
Turk Malloy works as financial advisor in Poor Credit Rating Loans. He is offering loan advice for quite some time. To know more about Unsecured Loans, poor credit personal loans, bad credit loans, poor credit ratings loans visit http://www.poorcreditratingloans.net/

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bad Credit Personal Loans: Easy Bucks For Personal Needs

by: Carmen Cortez

When there is a huge population suffering with poor financial rating, there should be certain measures that rivet remedies for it. Well, there are. Now you can easily grab some monetary assistance those allow you to take cash whenever you are in need, in need of some bucks, even if you are with poor rating. The talk is of bad credit personal loans.

These are the finances for the personal needs. Here the available cash allows you to get the bucks for a number of requirements. Apart form the regular needs like business needs, home improvement, car buying or holiday trips; you can also get the money for debt consolidation. Here you can mush up all your debts through a single loan paid to be with single interest rates.

Anyway, the funding is for all here, for everyone. You may have the collateral or not, the money is for you. You can go for both the secured as well as unsecured options. Security pledged in secured options allows you to have the bucks at much cheap rates because of assurance of the return of the money associated with it. And, the unsecured options let you have the money without pledging any collateral or in simpler terms, there is no risk or headache involved here in these options. Only, in case of the unsecured loans, the interest rate charged will be slightly higher than the normal rates.

There is, again, the online processing available for the bad credit personal loans and this is preferable. Online is the best way to apply simply because you can apply through an easy and small application form and applying is totally free of cost here. Also, there is no paper work or faxing involved online. And, the service is available round the clock. Loans are only clicks away here. Everything has been put in these loans only to make easy the move of bad credit holders.

About The Author

Carmen Cortez is a specialist advisor of every type of business loan and currently working as financial consultant in Bad Credit Loans Information. For further details of Bad Credit Personal Loans, bad credit home loans, bad credit payday loans, loans for bad credit, bad credit unsecured loans visit http://www.badcreditloansinformation.com/

Bad Credit Loans: Make Your Fund Raising Easy

by: Carmen Cortez

Your credit is your asset – the asset worth with you can secure further financial support. If your credit rating is well enough to the expected, lenders do not bother offering you with the finance required. Or if you are just falling short of the anticipated, your chance of loan securing goes dim. CCJs, IVA, defaults, bad debts, arrears, bankrupts etc., come in the category of poor credit. Through the financial vagueness, bad credit loans have shown a glittering borrowing hope for individuals having bad credit.

A research is essential to finding a company that would not rip you off. Above that, it is important to use a little bit of your common sense. If at any point in your dealing with these loan companies, you feel like something is fishy, and then discontinue the transaction. These folks should be asking for a good bit of information, but there are certain things that each legitimate company needs. If they are not asking for your financial capacity, previous employment record or your current employment status, then there is a chance you might be getting scammed. So, you need to be cautious.

For all of your money provisions, you have options of secured and unsecured. Secured form of borrowing wholly depends upon your worth placing of asset. This pledging placing procedure is almost absent when you apply for unsecured form of loan accessing. You have different range of accessing opportunities. You can apply for these loans through online and offline, though processing online is preferred.

Provisioning such loans get a little costlier to other forms of borrowings. Since you have an adverse credit, finding a lender of your choice happens to be very difficult. Nevertheless, there is a great flood of lenders out there in the money market. These lenders are going in for competing one another fiercely for their lending businesses. You can access these lenders through online too. Online processing is simple and convenient. You do not have to leave cozy comfort of your home in order to get into financial zone.

About The Author

Carmen Cortez is a specialist advisor of every type of business loan and currently working as financial consultant in Bad Credit Loans Information. For further details of bad credit loans, bad credit home loans, bad credit payday loans, bad credit unsecured loans visit http://www.badcreditloansinformation.com/

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Going On Vacations With A Personal Loan?

by: Melissa Kellett

The possibility to use a loan for going on vacations raises many questions. Which loan should I apply for? What terms or conditions are more convenient? Are vacations worthy enough as a loan purpose? Where do I find a lender?

Are Vacations Worthy Of A Loan?

One may think that taking a loan for going on vacations is an unnecessary expense. However, the truth is that a time off is essential not only for your body but for your mind too. This is a scientific fact of which not only workers but also, managers and the government are convinced. The ILO (International Labor Organization) is clear about the subject: Vacations are a Right.

Given that vacations are a right and a need, what you have to analyze is whether you are resorting to a loan due to a temporary or long term lack of cash. If you just could not save enough money but your income will let you repay the loan without sacrifices, then there is no question about it, a Personal loan can be the solution for paying for vacations.

However, if your income is not going to let you repay the loan without making sacrifices what you need to analyze is weather the other expenses you will have to cut in order to repay the loan are more essential than a well deserved annual break or not. Vacations are a necessity but there are other needs of a more essential nature. As long as you do not cut on these ones, the use of a loan for paying for vacations is justified.

Which Loan And On What Terms?

Since going on vacations is a personal purpose, any loan oriented to satisfy personal purposes is good for this aim. The options are varied: You can request a personal unsecured loan, a personal secured loan (which can be secured by many different assets including vehicles) or a home equity loan (secured on the equity on your home).

The three types will accomplish the purpose of financing your vacations. However, only the last one will provide the cheapest source of finance. Nevertheless, Which loan type best suits your needs depends on the amount of money you need, the interest rate you are willing to pay, whether you are willing to risk repossession or not and whether you actually own a property or vehicle to use as collateral.

Unsecured Loans have higher interest rates but no risk of repossession. They are the best choice for small amounts of money and the only option for those who do not own their car and home. If you already have some money and you just need some extra cash to complete the costs’ amount, an unsecured loan is the smartest choice. Secured Loans on the other side come with the risk of repossession but charge less interest and have more flexible repayment programs.

Where Do I Find The Lender?

The answer to this question is simple: Online. By searching the net you will find that there are lots of lenders offering personal loans and many of them have offers specially tailored for those who plan to use the money for going on vacations.

The usual advice is to shop around for lenders, requesting loan quotes, bargaining with them and selecting your lender after comparing what all of them have to offer. Take special attention to APR, Fees and Costs as some lenders will offer lower APR loans but the loan fees and costs might turn the loan more expensive than one with a higher APR.

About The Author

Melissa Kellett is an expert loan consultant who has worked for twenty years in the financial industry and helps people to repair their credit and get approved for home loans, unsecured personal loans, student loans, consolidation loans, car loans and many other types of loans and financial products. If you want to learn more about Vacation Loans and Bad Credit Loans you can visit her site http://www.speedybadcreditloans.com

5 Ways to Strengthen Customer Relationships

by: Dave Roth

Strengthening the relationships that one has with customers is very important. Customers that feel comfortable and have a good working relationship with a specific person or business will return to patronize that person or business again. There are generally 5 ways to strengthen customer relationships.

First, making sure that customers are taken care of is vital. People need to know that a salesperson or employee cares about them. There are many ways to make this happen, and a business owner or employee should use whatever tactics work best.

Second, price things fairly. It is true that one has to make a profit to stay in business, but also true that a reasonable price can be charged so that profits are made and customers feel as though they received a good deal.

Third, remind customers about the business. Customers will not keep shopping at your store if they forget that it is there. Advertising helps to remind them that they want and need what you have to offer.Fourth, keep your store clean and neat. No one wants to shop in a dirty store, or one that appears unsafe or uncared for. It makes customers feel that a business takes no pride in what it has to offer to others.

Fifth and finally, make sure that employees take care of themselves, as well. This does not mean they are all expected to look like supermodels. It only means that they should make an effort to stay neat and clean, as hygiene is important, especially in the selling profession.

By following these simple tips, a business and its employees can greatly strengthen the relationships that are seen with customers. This will make customers want to shop at a particular store, and can keep them coming back more often than they otherwise would. They may also spend more money at that store, helping the business profits to grow, as well.

About The Author

Dave Roth is a sales trainer and consultant who helps sales professionals take their skills to the next level. If you\'d like more information on sales training techniques, go to http://www.salestrainingtips.net right away.

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Find a Reason to Smile More with Fun Sites

by: Diana Daniels

Are we losing out the fun from our lives? Is the mad rat race squeezing out the humor from our lives? Humor is the all essential ingredient for leading a healthy, positive life.The monotony of existence, the same old routine of everyday-sprinkle humor onto it and the drudgery of life becomes more bearable. When we are hanging out with friends and having a good laugh, for those few precious moments we are able to leave behind all the worries, pains, and pressures of existence. So what do you do when you are badly in need of a good laugh? As it is the medium we turn to for almost everything, the answer here is again the internet. And the internet has plenty of sites that will bring an instant smile to your faces. Fun sites, as they are categorized as, are a treasure trove of humor videos, pictures, games, puzzles, riddles and tons more, that will entertain you and captivate you.

Once hooked on to these sites, you would not even realize how time will fly. It is like hanging out with your buddies again, laughing, enjoying and having fun. There is so much to choose from at these sites, from funny videos to music to games and more. Once you find yourself in the world of fun sites it is hard to let go. These sites have a legion of dedicated fans that are growing everyday. Sensing their popularity among net users, there are now tons of fun sites available and more are being added every day.

Fun sites not only provide hours of amusement for you, they are also a forum where you can meet and interact with other fans of such fun sites. Upload your funny videos and share it with other users or challenge them to a game and you will no longer feel starved for fun company.

Fun sites not only provide entertainment but can be educational too. There are a number of fun sites available for children that make learning fun, through games, puzzles etc. Do you need your daily dose of entertainment news? Well fun sites cater to that too. All that you need to drive the blues away, you will find at these fun sites.

As they say it costs nothing to smile, but it will brighten up your day, so smile more and spread the joy around.Fun sites give you the opportunity to bring the humor back to your lives and more and more people are turning to these sites to get their daily dose of fun. You can jump on the bandwagon too and enjoy the joyride -that is fun sites.

About The Author

Diana Daniels is an expert in search engine marketing with years of experience in the industry.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Principles of Educational Evaluation Formulas

by: Luiz Gustavo Arruda

Educational Evaluation may be inherently a process of professional judgment.

The first principle, according to Cann, is that professional judgment is the foundation for evaluation and, as such, is needed to properly understand and use all aspects of evaluation. The measurement of student performance may seem "objective" with such practices as machine scoring and multiple-choice test items, but even these approaches are based on professional assumptions and values. Whether that judgment occurs in constructing test questions, scoring essays, creating rubrics, grading participation, combining scores, or interpreting standardized test scores, the essence of the process is making professional interpretations and decisions. Understanding this principle helps teachers and administrators realize the importance of their own judgments and those of others in evaluating the quality of evalution and the meaning of the results.

To Shadish, evaluation is based on separate but related principles of measurement evidence and evaluation.

To Cann, It is quite important to understand the difference between measurement evidence (differentiating degrees of a trait by description or by assigning scores) and evaluation (interpretation of the description or scores). Essential measurement evidence skills would include the ability to understand and interpret the meaning of descriptive statistical procedures, including variability, correlation, percentiles, standard scores, growth-scale scores, norming, and principles of combining scores for grading. A conceptual understanding of these techniques, to her, is needed (not necessarily knowing how to compute statistics) for such tasks as interpreting student strengths and weaknesses, reliability and validity evidence, grade determination, and making admissions decisions. This author has indicated that these concepts and techniques comprise part of an essential language for educators. They also provide a common basis for communication about "results," interpretation of evidence, and appropriate use of data. This is increasingly important given the pervasiveness of standards-based, high-stakes, large-scale assessments.

Another point of view, offered by Shadish considerates evaluation concerns merit and worth of the data as applied to a specific use or context. It involves a systematic analysis of evidence. Like students, teachers and administrators need analysis skills to effectively interpret evidence and make value judgments about the meaning of the results.

Evaluation decision-making is influenced by a series of tensions to Cook. His basement parts of idea that competing purposes, uses, and pressures result in tension for teachers and administrators as they make assessment-related decisions. For example, good teaching could be characterized by assessments that motivate and engage students in ways that are consistent with their philosophies of teaching and learning and with theories of development, learning and motivation. Most teachers want to use constructed-response evaluation because they believe this kind of testing is best to ascertain student understanding. On the other hand, factors external to the classroom, such as mandated large-scale testing, promote different evaluation strategies, such as using selected-response tests and providing practice in objective test-taking.

These tensions, to the same author suggest that decisions about evaluation are best made with a full understanding of how different factors influence the nature of the assessment. Once all the alternatives understood, priorities need to be made; trade-offs are inevitable. With an appreciation of the tensions teachers and administrators will hopefully make better informed, better justified assessment decisions.

Evaluation influences student motivation and learning. Wilde and Sockey have used the term 'educative evaluation' to describe techniques and issues that educators should consider when they design and use evaluation methods. Their message is that the nature of evaluation influences what is learned and the degree of meaningful engagement by students in the learning process. While Wiggins contends that evaluation tools should be authentic, with feedback and opportunities for revision to improve rather than simply audit learning, the more general principle is understanding how different evaluations affect students. Will students be more engaged if evaluation tasks are problem-based? How do students study when they know the test consists of multiple-choice items? What is the nature of feedback, and when is it given to students? How does evaluation affect student effort? Answers to such questions help teachers and administrators understand that evaluation has powerful effects on motivation and learning.

Teachers and administrators, to Shadish, need to not only know that there is error in all classroom and standardized evaluation, but also more specifically how reliability is determined and how much error is likely. With so much emphasis today on high-stakes testing for promotion, graduation, teacher and administrator accountability, and school accreditation, it is critical that all educators understand concepts like standard error of measurement, reliability coefficients, confidence intervals, and standard setting.

To Cann two reliability principles deserve special attention. The first is that reliability refers to scores, not instruments. Second, teachers and administrators need to understand that, typically, error is underestimated.

COOK, J. Evaluating Knowledge Technology Resources. LTSN Generic Centre, 2002.

CANN. E et al. English Language Arts: A Curriculum Guide for the Middle Level (Grades 6-9). Saskatchewan Education. 1998.

HIRSCHMAN, L; THOMPSON, H. Overview of Evaluation in Speech and Natural Language Processing. In J. and Mariani, editor, State of the Art in Natural Language Processing, pages 475 -- 518.

SHADISH, W. Some evaluation questions. Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, 6(3), 1998.

WILDE, J.; SOCKEY, S. Evaluation Handbook. Clearinghouse. 2000.

About The Author

Luiz Gustavo Arruda, Ph.D. is a biologist, tenure coach and dissertation coach and has as a personal goal helping faculty and graduate students complete research, writing essays, and publish, while maintaining high educational levels and other commitments. In addition to dissertation coaching, he gives classes, workshops and teleclasses on time management, writing, career planning and grad student/advisor relationships.

Monografias Prontas Team - http://www.monografiaac.com.br

Empresa de Monografia didática - http://www.monografiaad.com.br

Students: Control Your Debt

by: Tom Tessin

Each year, a majority of students leaving college come home close to $20,000 in debt, not including the student loans. One of the main reasons students come home in debt is because of the majority of credit card offers on campus. Since credit cards aren’t a bad thing, it all comes down to the person that is in charge of using them.

A credit card is only bad if you abuse the powers. If a student is going to go out and purchase things he/she can’t afford, they will soon find out that they will be over their head in no time. The main reason this is, is because they don’t physically hand of the money. Instead, they hand a plastic card over that has no value.

There are many ways to control your debt but the first thing it comes down to is the person using the credit card. If a person can accept their responsibility and be able to control their spending habits, you’ll be past the hardest step in no time.

In order to achieve these first two goals, there are other optional steps that you can take in order to stop your debt in no time. If you follow these steps and use them religiously, you will find your net worth will go from the gutter to the positive side in no time.

One of the best things to do when you’re controlling you debt is to use your debit card. If you don’t have one, contact your bank immediately and have it linked to your checking account. This way you’re able to see how much you’re spending each time you use. An easy to way to control how much you’re spending is to create an online bank account user name. This will immediately post each transaction you have.

Next, you’ll want to create a budget. A budget is helpful for month to month activities. This will show you how much money is going out and in. This will also give you a better overall picture of how your finances are. It’s usually best to add in savings as a bill too so that you can save a little bit on the side as well. If you stick with your budget, this will be one of the best debt fighters in the long run.

These are just a few ideas when it comes to fighting debt. In the long run, you should use your imagination on creative ways to save money. Instead of going out to eat, buy a cheap can of soup and make a tuna fish sandwich. That right there will save you a few bucks. If you continue to be creative and get into the habit of doing these things, you won’t have a probably at all with paying off your debt after college.

If you come out of college in debt, don’t let it get you down because you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in the majority. If you’re motivated and have a strong mind, you’ll be able to kiss your debt goodbye in no time.

About The Author

Tom Tessin runs and operates http://www.findcollegecards.com that focuses on student credit cards.

Fitness Health Tip

by : Mary Rose

Everybody dreams of being healthy, beautiful and fit. The first fitness health tip is to believe that we are what we eat. Eat healthy and one will be healthy and beautiful. Healthy eating means eating three regular balanced meals-breakfast, lunch and dinner daily and making sure that each meal is a combination of carbohydrate and protein foods. Meals should include cereals, pulses, milk or curd, eggs, chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables.

There is a fitness health tip which may come as a pleasant surprise and that is- Adding sugar is not a crime. Three to four teaspoon of sugar a day is permitted if one is not diabeticFinally, the whole secret of fitness and weight control rests on how much oil is consumed daily and how much fatty foods are eaten in a day. The normal requirement is 2-3 or 3-4 teaspoons oil per person per day. One may indulge in richer food twice in a week.

Another fitness health tip is that the major reason for an overweight and unhealthy body is a change in lifestyle. Today we don't walk anywhere, and hop into and out of cars. We also spend a lot of time sitting in front of television and computer. This is one reason why people in their 20's and 30's suffer from hypertension, heart diseases and diabetes.

Everybody from six years and above must ensure that a regular exercise session is fixed in the daily routine. A 20-30 minutes walk must be taught and practiced as regularly as brushing the teeth and bathing.It is also important to avoid too many soft drinks and packed juices which most of us prefer and stock in our refrigerator. It not only increases our body weight but also harms our teeth and skin. Rather we should resolve to drink plenty of water.

To conclude, there is no magic wand to achieve healthy, beautiful and fit body. It is imperative to keep a watch on what we eat. Keep the diet well balanced, regular and complete with salad and fruits. Make sure that one is active throughout the day and follow a regular fitness program that is in sync with the age, body and health.

About The Author

Mary Rose has several books to her credit including those on Health and Fitness.For more information logon to http://www.casanads.com/bm/hf.htm

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Mendapatkan Link Popularity dari Artikel Directory

Salah satu cara ampuh untuk mendapatkan link popularity dan menaikkan page ranking dimata search engine adalah dengan cara mengirim (submit) artikel ke banyak direktori artikel ( Articles Directory ) semakin banyak artikel kita yang di approve (diterima) makin bagus pula popularity website kita di search engine sehingga dapat menaikkan traffic, selain itu dengan banyaknya artikel kita yang "nempel" di situs lain kemungkinan kita mendapatkan traffic gratis juga semakin besar.

Direktori artikel umumnya mempunyai page ranking yang tinggi ( PR 5 keatas) di google, sehingga dengan adanya link kita yang biasanya ada di signature artikel nempel di situs yang page rankingnya tinggi kemungkinan kita akan dapat "pembagian" PR 1 atau 2 tingkat. Saya merekomendasikan ezinearticles.com, articlecity.com dan articledashboard.com, saya juga membuat sebuah artikel directory ArticleCillin.com untuk anda coba.

Salah satu tool yang bagus untuk mempermudah pengiriman (submit ) artikel ke banyak artikel direktori adalah article submitter. Dengan tool ini proses pengiriman artikel menjadi lebih sederhana dan cepat karena kita tidak perlu mengulang - ulang mengisi form article submit, form ini akan diisi secara otomatis oleh article submitter, sehingga yang kita lakukan hanyalah mengisi category dan kita langsung bisa submit artikel tersebut ke direktori artikel.

Secara default article submitter menyertakan lebih dari 100 alamat article directory yang langsung bisa kita kirim (submit) artikel kita, daftar directory artikel ini dapat kita tambah atau kita kurangi sesuai dengan direktory artikel yang kita ikuti, di article submitter saya ada sekitar 100 alamat semua bisa saya submit artikel dalam waktu 2 jam.

Sebelum mulai submit artikel kita terlebih dahulu harus mendaftar (sign up) ke semua direktori artikel tersebut dan setelah kita terdaftar dan conform kita dapat submit artikel sebanyak banyaknya. Saran saya pada waktu mendaftar gunakan lah username yang sama untuk semua direktori artikel dan gunakan alamat email pada waktu mendaftar sebagai username. Selamat mencoba

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Jumlah Pengguna Firefox = 1/2 Penduduk Indonesia

Pada salah satu posting terakhir di blognya, John Lilly, Kepala Kantor Operasi Mozilla, menulis bahwa Mozilla memperkirakan ada setidaknya 125 juta pengguna browser Firefox di seluruh dunia. Jumlah ini sama artinya dengan setengah dari jumlah penduduk Indonesia pada tahun 2006. Itu sama artinya dengan peningkatan hinggal 2 kali lipat dibandingkan setahun yang lalu saat Firefox 2.0 diluncurkan.

Untuk melakukan penghitungan jumlah tersebut, Mozilla mendasarkannya
dari data yang diperoleh dari Aplikasi update otomatis yang ada di
browser Firefox (AUS = Application Update Service). AUS
dipakai untuk menjaga agar browser selalu up-to-date dengan patch
keamanan yang ada. Firefox akan melakukan ping otomatis ke server
Mozilla setiap harinya untuk mengecek apakah ada update terbaru.
Mozilla kemudian menghitung jumlah ping tersebut untuk memberikan
informasi perkiraan jumlah orang yang menggunakan Firefox.


Gambar 01.

Angka 125 Juta didapatkan dari mengalikan jumlah rata rata Active Daily
User (ADU) 42 M dengan multiplier 3 yang umumnya digunakan oleh web
dalam melakukan penghitungan statistik pengguna.

?Ini perhitungan kasar, tapi ini mendekati, dan kami tetap mencatat
angka selama beberapa tahun, sejak rilis Firefox 1.5 (versi firefox
pertama yang mengikutsertakan aplikasi AUS). Kami menyebutnya dengan Active Daily Users (User Aktif Harian), dan selalu menghitung jumlah ping yang sukses.?, jelas Lilly.

Bagi yang tertarik dengan perhitungannya silahkan kunjungi blognya disini.
Terlepas dari kontroversi seputar teknik penghitungannya, tetaplah ini
adalah kabar baik bagi perkembangan perangkat lunak bebas dan open source.

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LIma Langkah Membuat Efektif Keyword

Riset keyword adalah sesuatu aspek yang vital dari perencanaan Search Engine Optimizaton, jika situs anda memasang keyword yang salah, search engine dan customer anda tidak akan menemukan website anda

Proses riset keyword dapat di jabarkan dalam beberapa poin berikut ini:

1 ? Ciptakan Daftar Keyword dan Cek Daftar Tersebut 2x
2 ? Gunakan Tool Riset Keyword
3 ? Pastikan Daftar Keyword Anda Sekali Lagi
4 ? Rencanakan Langkah Anda
5 ? Submit ke Search Engine


1 ? Ciptakan Daftar Keyword dan Cek Daftar Tersebut 2x

Langkah pertama dalam proses adalah membuat daftar potensial keyword. Pikirkan semua kata-kata yang akan di ketikkan visitor dalam kotak search google atau search engine lainnya untuk menemukan website anda
contoh "tutorial photoshop" atau "laptop murah"

2 ? Gunakan Tool Riset Keyword

Dalam hal ini kita ambil contoh kita hendak memasang keyword "tutorial photoshop", sebelumnya kita tidak tahu berapa nilai persainganm, dari keyword "tutorial photoshop" tersebut, semakin tinggi nilai persaingan maka semakin banyak visitor mencari keyword tersebut.

Perbandingan dan Nilai persaingan

tutorial photoshop 50
belajar photoshop 20

maka orang lebih suka mencari keyword "tutorial photoshop" daripada "belajar photoshop"

Nah dalam mencari perbandingan nilai keyword kita dapat menggunakan beberapa tool yang tersedia di internet, ada yang gratis dan ada yang bayar, diantaranya:

Overture Keyword Selector Tool (Gratis):
Overture selain menunjukkan persaingan keyword, dia juga menampilkan kombinasi frase-frase keyword terkait
hal ini cocok untuk mencari "Niche Market"

Wordtracker: - tool bagus, tapi untuk versi gratisnya dia hanya menampilkan Search Result MSN,

Google AdWords Keyword Tool:
Bagi yang ingin memasang Adwords anda bisa mengetahui harga keyword di sini

3 ? Pastikan Daftar Keyword Anda Sekali Lagi

Dibagian ini anda tahu sendiri apa yang harus nya di lakukan, apakah memilih keyword yang mempunyai persaingan tinggi atau persaingan rendah (Niche market)
Perbandingan dan Nilai persaingan

tutorial photoshop 50
belajar photoshop 20

Disini terserah, anda pilih menggunakan keyword yang mana
=> Jika anda menggunakan keyword yang mempunyai persaingan tinggi, maka untuk mengimbanginya website anda harus ber-pagerank tinggi pula
=> Jika anda menggunakan keyword yang mempunyai persaingan rendah (Niche Market), maka website anda dapat dengan mudah meraih Ranking #1 di Google

4 ? Rencanakan Langkah Anda

Siapkan langkah anda dan pasang keyword-keyword tersebut pada:

# Title Tag <title>
# Meta Description Tags <meta decscription=>
# Meta Keywords Tag <meta keyword=>
# Headings <h1> <h2>
# Alt text <alt>
# Anchor Text/ Navigational Links <a href=> keyword </a>

5 ? Submit ke Search Engine

Anda bisa mensubmit website anda ke Google di : www.google.com/addurl dan Yahoo

Sumber dari situs php dengan judul Lima langkah membuat efektif keyword

Lessons in Liability - What if Someone Else Crashes Your Car?

By: Rob Parker

When you are the person behind the wheel of your own car, figuring out who is liable if there's a car accident is fairly simple. It's either your fault, the other driver's fault, and the police and your insurance companies will work it out if the answer isn't entirely clear. If someone else is driving your car, however, and the accident was their responsibility, are you liable because you own the vehicle, or is it the driver's responsibility to pay for damage?If you loan your car to a friend, and they cause an accident, however, the water is a little muddier. Generally, your coverage will be in first place, so you will have to pay your deductible. This is because standard auto policies are written to cover "…you, any relative, and anyone else using your car if the use is (or reasonably believed to be) with your permission."If the damage incurred exceeds your policy limits, your friend's insurance will kick in and cover the difference in most cases. But what if the person who drives your car has no insurance? And what if your car is crashed while a thief is driving? Here are three scenarios that involve liability when someone else crashes your car:Crashed while Stolen: If your car is stolen, and the person who stole it causes an accident, it is unlikely that you will be held responsible for any damages to other people, or to property, but even if the thief is insured, you probably will have to pay for damages to your own car via your collision coverage. The average thief, however, isn't likely to have insurance, and even if they do, their insurance won't pay for an accident caused during a criminal act. Crashed by Uninsured Friend: First of all, you shouldn't be lending your car to anyone who doesn't have insurance. If you do choose to let them drive your car, however, and there is an accident, your coverage will protect you only up to your policy limits. If there is damage beyond that, the injured parties can sue you for property damages or medical expenses. Crashed by Friend Without Permission: If your friend drives your car without your permission, you won't be liable for the damages, as long as they are insured, and your insurance will most likely be used to pay for damages to your own car (collision coverage) or others' (liability). Be aware, however, that insurance companies are extremely skeptical about such cases, and you'll have to prove that you either didn't know your friend had your car, or that you had refused to lend your car to them. Otherwise, it will be assumed that you loaned your car to your friend, and your insurance will be in first place. You can't always prevent your car from being stolen, though anti-theft devices do help, and often come with an insurance discount, but you can keep a friendship from being ruined by a car accident. Don't lend your car to anyone unless it's a dire emergency, and insist upon seeing proof of insurance before you do.
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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tips For Getting Cheap Finance To Buy A Car

by: Melissa Kellett

You have decided you want a new car, but your last experience buying a car was not so good because of the huge burden financing the purchase was. Now you need a loan but do not want to be caught in a bad deal again. You do not need to worry, buying a new car and getting a good deal on a car loan is possible if you follow these easy steps and you pay attention to the tips we provide in this article.

Few cars are bought fully on cash, most people have to use some sort of finance in order to get all the money needed to buy a car. The most common financial products used for this purpose are personal car loans and financial schemes offered by car dealerships. The first thing you need to understand if you want to save money on your purchase is that car dealers are not loan specialist and they can not provide you with a competitive loan. Moreover they work in association with certain financial institutions and they receive a share of the profits. The financial institution will most certainly charge you for that cost and you will end up paying a lot more.

Personal Car Loans

When requesting a loan, what you need to be aware of is that the lending industry is a buyer’s market which means that lenders will be competing to get clients and thus, you need to shop around to get the best loan offer available. Do not be afraid to bargain with lenders, if you get a better offer let the others know so they can improve theirs and so on. You might end up paying far less than you thought.

The easiest way to compare loan offers is to take note of the APRs and compare them in order to see which one is the lower. However, the APR is not the only thing you need to compare. There are some fees and costs not included in the APR, beware of these as they can greatly increase the overall cost of the loan. Watch for prepaying penalty fees, closing costs, and any other loan term that may affect you.

The best place to look around for car loan lenders is the internet. You will find many lenders dealing with car loans. There are lenders willing to approve car loans for people with bad credit, no credit or even bankruptcy. You need to request loan quotes from them and make sure they will not pull your credit report till you are certain to get approved. If you are unsure whether you will meet their requirements or not, do not authorize them to check your credit history because too many credit checks or declines can affect your credit score negatively.

Raise Your Credit Score

It is important to have a good credit score since a good credit score equals to lower interest rates. If you are about to finish paying an outstanding loan and you have paid the installments on time, it is better if you just wait to cancel it completely before applying for your car loan. This will increase your credit score substantially.

Do not pay late and never miss payments. Prepay any small loan you may have as this will increase your credit score. Too much outstanding credit, even if not used, affects your credit score. So, you should close store cards accounts and credit card accounts you do not use. Bear in mind though, that you should not do so with all the accounts at the same time as this might be misinterpreted.

Make A Down Payment

Finally, another great way for saving money by getting a better deal on a car loan is to put aside as much cash as possible and make a down payment. This will greatly reduce the interest rate you will have to pay for financing and thus, you will save thousands of dollars over the whole life of the loan. Down payments show the lender you have the capacity to save money and that you will be able to repay the loan. Thus, the risk for the lender is greatly reduced and the interest offered will be substantially lower.

About The Author

Melissa Kellett is an expert loan consultant who has worked for twenty years in the financial industry and helps people to repair their credit and get approved for home loans, unsecured personal loans, student loans, consolidation loans, car loans and many other types of loans and financial products. If you want to learn more about Car Loans and Motor Vehicle Loans you can visit her site http://www.speedybadcreditloans.com

Thursday, February 28, 2008

4 the first time

4 the first time saya ambil sebagai judul karena inilah tulisan saya yang pertama, karena inilah blog saya yang pertama, karena inilah salah satu keinginan saya yang pertama ketika mulai aktif berinteraksi dengan apa yang dinamakan internet. Saya sampai sekarang juga masih bingung mau nulis apaan, karena ndak terbiasa nulis, maaf kalau masih acak-acakan tulisannya, maklum masih baru.

Sekian dulu tulisan saya.... udah mulai mengantuk... udah hampir shubuh......