Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Unsecured Loans: Stress Reliever For People With No Collateral

by: Turk Malloy

Financial necessities do not discriminate between people with and without assets. They occur without any intimation. In the absence of a valuable asset to place as collateral, borrowers find themselves at a loss. But with unsecured loans available, they are in good position to get money.

In unsecured loans, typically amounts ranging from £1 000 to £25,000 can be obtained without placing any collateral. Lenders will only assess the borrower’s present employment, past credit record, repayment ability, salary or annual income as yardsticks to approve the loan. Loans are forwarded for short terms ranging from 6 months to 10 years.

Absence of collateral makes unsecured loans risky for the lenders. The risk factor involved in deciding these loans affects the loan amount and interest rates. Borrowers cannot get larger amounts of loan and also have to pay very high rate of interest. These loans are particularly useful when the loan required is small in amount.

Unsecured loans are very popular among tenants, non homeowners, salaried and self employed people. People who do not want to risk their property for a loan can also apply for unsecured loans. Bad credit borrowers can also avail unsecured loans but with higher interest rates and stringent repayment terms than good credit borrowers.

Borrowers can put unsecured loans to multiple uses like going for holiday, consolidating debt, education expenses, car purchase or renovating homes. Through regular repayment of these loans, any less than perfect credit score can also be improved.

Unsecured loans can be obtained from a number of sources like banks, financial institutions, private lenders and even online. Online mode of application is the most convenient and fastest way of getting loans. Through proper online research, better deals can be easily obtained.

So for borrowers having no asset or are not willing to pledge their asset, unsecured loans provide viable option to fulfill financial needs.

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