Wednesday, March 5, 2008

5 Ways to Strengthen Customer Relationships

by: Dave Roth

Strengthening the relationships that one has with customers is very important. Customers that feel comfortable and have a good working relationship with a specific person or business will return to patronize that person or business again. There are generally 5 ways to strengthen customer relationships.

First, making sure that customers are taken care of is vital. People need to know that a salesperson or employee cares about them. There are many ways to make this happen, and a business owner or employee should use whatever tactics work best.

Second, price things fairly. It is true that one has to make a profit to stay in business, but also true that a reasonable price can be charged so that profits are made and customers feel as though they received a good deal.

Third, remind customers about the business. Customers will not keep shopping at your store if they forget that it is there. Advertising helps to remind them that they want and need what you have to offer.Fourth, keep your store clean and neat. No one wants to shop in a dirty store, or one that appears unsafe or uncared for. It makes customers feel that a business takes no pride in what it has to offer to others.

Fifth and finally, make sure that employees take care of themselves, as well. This does not mean they are all expected to look like supermodels. It only means that they should make an effort to stay neat and clean, as hygiene is important, especially in the selling profession.

By following these simple tips, a business and its employees can greatly strengthen the relationships that are seen with customers. This will make customers want to shop at a particular store, and can keep them coming back more often than they otherwise would. They may also spend more money at that store, helping the business profits to grow, as well.

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